With our combined experience in both design and operations we offer an advantage over most.  . At Contract Equipment Specialist we consider the individual needs and scope of our client’s projects in order to guide the crucial decisions regarding the overall design and layout of each kitchen. We work hand in hand with you to create your vision


 What you can expect with our design package:

AutoCAD drawings 


FS1 Food Service Layout – This is your full kitchen and bar design with correlating schedule.

FS2 Plumbing Rough-in Plan – This will show all drains and gas connections required for all equipment

FS3 Electrical Rough-in Plan – This drawing shows height requirements for all outlets including convenience and hard wires. 

FS4 Wall Backing and Corner Guards – This drawing gives the General contractor the exact positioning needed for hanging stainless and wire shelving.

FS5 Equipment Elevations – This drawing shows elevations of both the equipment and the height at which the wall shelves should be mounted.

Equipment Specifications – We provide all the equipment specifications as well as manuals to our clients. In addition, we will provide all serial numbers and local service agents so management can easily access them if necessary.